Couple seeking asylum

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Couple seeking asylum


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My name is "Rajab Ali" From Pakistan currently living in a arab country "Oman". I'm an atheist
I married to a Arabian girl ( omani national ) it was a love marriage happened in Pakistan while she was in Pakistan on her family vacations, we met there and got married, ( In arab countries for arab women to marry outside arab countries is prohibited )
After our marriage we had a very hard time in Pakistan because her family from Pakistan is against our marriage, then we decided to move oman she told me now time is changed my government will help us we'll start our life again, when we arrived here her family from here made a report to ministry of interior oman that this Pakistani guy is married to our girl illegally, her family have strong relationships with government they denied our marriage and refused to issue marriage certificate, and her family is threatening us everyday they want to kill me and forcing my wife to divorce me, now we have two daughters one is 4 years old one is 5 months old omani government was not issuing birth certificate for our daughter but later they issued, but still they not issuing marriage certificate and forcing my wife to divorce even we've now two daughters and her family want to kill me 2 times I've been in police station without no reason and they force me to sign some papers in arabic otherwise we'll put u in jail for rest of your life,
I can't work here anywhere if i get a job her family force to employer to fired me, we having very hard life here sometimes we don't have money to buy milk for our daughters 😢
Now i got a job in desert as farmworker, far away from city and from my wife and daughters,
I'm getting only 5500 usd approximately we don't have a home paying room rent spending very hard life here, here is no human laws no future for us and not for our daughters, we hate this Muslim country now and hate these Islamic laws
We want to asylum in any safe country where we can spend a good life where humanity is only religion,
Please help us I'm in very danger and my daughters has nothing to eat,
I'm sending you some documents to make you believe on me,

I'll wait for your reply

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