Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

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Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment


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The Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program provides the benefit of no income, inheritance, or wealth taxes. The program provides full citizenship for you, your family and future generations.


Antigua and Barbuda is a dual-island country in the Caribbean Sea. Antigua and Barbuda are the two major inhabited islands, and there are a further number of smaller islands. The country is famous for its many beaches. The population number around 80,000, and the capital of St John’s in located on Antigua.

The country was named by Christopher Columbus after he discovered the island in 1493. The official language is English and the culture has been heavily influenced by its years as part of the British Empire. It was under British rule from 1632 to 1981 and then became an independent state. It is still however part of the Commonwealth of Nations.


  • Citizenship for life for you, your family, and your descendants
  • High level of visa-free which includes Europe’s Schengen Area
  • No need to visit the island to apply for citizenship
  • No wealth tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • No income tax
  • Very fast processing time, usually within four months
  • Free movement across the CARICOM region
  • Citizenship of a Commonweath country


There are three options:
  • Make a US$ 200,000 non-refundable donation to the National Development Fund
  • Invest US$ 400,000 in qualifying real estate in Antigua and Barbuda for a minimum of five years
  • Invest US$ 1,500,000 in business (this may be a joint investment with a minimum individual requirement of US$ 400,000)
  • There are government fees for all individuals included in the application: US$ 50,000per person. On the Contribution option, for a family of 1-4 the contribution is US$200,000 and only the first 2 adults pay the Government fees. For a family of 5+ the contribution amount is US$250,000 and only the first 2 adults pay the Government fees.
  • Due dilgence fees are payable for all family members in the application: main applicant and spouse € 7,500; other adults € 4,000; children of 12-17 € 2,000
  • Citizens must spend five days in the first five year period in Antigua and Barbuda in order to qualify for a passport renewal
  • All applicants and their families must have clean criminal records

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